The uniqueness of the programs that we offer lies in our finely honed approach and methodology. The essence of our OBL programs lies in the fact that they are truly fun-filled and conducted in a totally controlled, risk- free and non-threatening environment. This experience enables the participants to let their guard and hair down in the given context of the activity which gives them fresh insights into their own and their colleagues’ natural and preferred behaviours under simulated stress conditions.

Based on the principles of David Kolb’s “Adult Learning Cycle”, the participants are put through a series of specially designed activities that simulate some of their back home business situations to help them relate easily to and in the process discover their “self” and ‘others’ in their group. Through these activities the participants also learn the gaps if any, that exist between “knowing the way” and “going the way” resulting in meaningful and unparalleled learning experiences. This innovative learning technique is based on the popular axiom “experience is the best teacher”.

Activ8 Outbound Learning (OBL) programs help to increase individuals’ and thereby the teams’ effectiveness in the real-world work environment. In addition, our client-engagement model ensures that every program that we conduct is customized to meet the expressed objectives and expectations effectively and consistently.